Ariana Produce


Halal Meats


Ariana Produce & Cuisine stocks a large variety of fresh, quality Halal Meat including Beef, Lamb, Goat meat, Chicken and Fish. Cut and prepared to comply with all Halal standards. when you buy our meat you get the peace of mind that you are eating nutritious, genuine halal meat that has been naturally reared and is pure in every way.


  • Fresh & natural
  • Hand Zabiha Halal (Hand slaughtered)
  • Aqiqah / Qurbani available
  • Organic
  • No added hormones or steroids

Quality Fresh Produce


Ariana Produce & Cuisine fresh produce brings you closer to the land. To feel healthy you need fresh produce of the highest quality. So you should never settle for less than the Mediterranean Market hand picked fruit and vegetables. Years of local knowledge in the produce industry enables our Market to source and provide the best possible selection to our customers.

Afghan Bread Bakery


There's nothing like fresh Afghan bread. At Ariana Produce & Cuisine Bakery, we bake it daily. The flour is still warm and the dough is silky, warm, and soft. Ariana Produce & Cuisine Bakery specialize in the truly indulgent and the sinfully decadent, all prepared in the afghan tradition that has taken generations to perfect.

Spices & Nuts


Ariana Produce & Cuisine is dedicated to providing authentic Mediterranean products designed to satisfy any tastes from raw nuts to toasted nuts and spices. We offer many imported specialty Mediterranean spice and nut products. Unique spices, nuts and blends that you will not find anywhere else. A meticulous selection of the finest international spices combined to make your rice, chicken, or meat come alive in a thrilling fusion of bursting flavors.

Sweets & Dry Fruit


Our sweets are natural and hand crafted to perfection! Our dried fruits are organic and come from third world countries such as Afghanistan. Our many candies and chocolates are world known and delicately imported for your enjoyment.

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Our Business Hours

Monday-Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm

Sunday 9:00am-8:00pm


Our Contact Phone Numbers:

(858) 566-7700   (858) 566-7707   (858) 860-5365


For Catering Please Call:

(858) 275-4865


11261 Camino Ruiz suite 3, San Diego, CA 92126