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About Ariana Produce


We carry products and ingredients well-suited for Middle Eastern cuisines that are not often found in mainstream supermarkets. We have bulk packages of Basmati rice, Halal Meats, variety of nuts, Breads, Fresh Fruits and other imported foods. We also carry cookware and dinnerware. At Ariana Produce & Cuisine, you will find an assortment of rice cookers, Cooking Pans, plates, spoons, cups and woks.

These items are also popular as gifts. Ariana Produce & Cuisine also provide Bakery, restaurant and catering services, you will find our restaurant menu on our page. The Bakery sells Afghan bread, pastries, cakes and cookies baked right on the premises. Whatever your needs, Ariana Produce & Cuisine strives to be your complete World market.





Business Hours
Monday-Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm
Sunday 9:00am-8:00pm


Produce: (858) 566-7700 * 11261 Camino Ruiz suite 3, San Diego, CA 92126


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